One Crazy Summer

Not only is "One Crazy Summer" a great John Cusak movie, but it's also ME this year. I dove right into my endeavor as a full-time photographer and have also been trying to find some free time to think about Search3 and all that Cameron has going on with this little gem of a search engine!

For instance, I knew it was coming, but Search3 now has IMAGE SEARCH! How awesome is that??? I mean, it just keeps getting better. Bing recently was added to the list of general search engines, and now you can search images as well. Whether you're looking for images of a volley ball playing seal or flowers from the Botanical Gargens in your city, you can get 3 search results SIDE-BY-SIDE to compare and enjoy @ http://www.search3.com

Just give it a try. We hope you like it!


So we're trying to get some key folks in the press to check out search3 right now -- John Battelle being on of them. So check this... He tweets about how Google wants to be more like Twitter. How perfect is Search3 for this? You can see real time twitter results right next to Google's static results!!! Dude... Look over here!


Searching - Swine Flu H1N1. Who has the best results?

So I just did a search on search3.com "swine flu breakout maps" - a trending topic on twitter. Very interesting results from the top 3 engines.

Google - some Glennbeck.com site
Yahoo - a reddit link
MSN Live - Google map
Twitter - pralphman

Crazy! I know...


If Google has approx 63% of the search market, who has the rest??? There are many....

Check out the top 25 search engines according to Nielsen NetView for March 2009. I will say that searchme and kosmix are ones to watch....

Brand or Channel Unique

Google Search 118,830
Yahoo! Search 60,061
MSN/Windows Live Search 47,905
Google Image Search 40,179
Ask.com 28,917
AOL Search 22,952
Google Product Search 10,234
Infospace Web Search 7,547
My Web Search^ 7,482
Microsoft Search 6,748
Business.com 5,238
alot 5,213
Webrewardstream.com 4,510
MSN A-list 4,218
ReachLocal 4,013
Comcast Search 3,276
Info.com 3,118
Searchme 2,639
Myfreebrandrewards.com 2,619
PeopleLookup 2,425
Kosmix.com 2,027
Technorati 1,902
ToSeekA!^ 1,850
Snap.com 1,763
Mahalo 1,666


Another interesting search engine: Kosmix

Like we've said before, we're here to point our visitors to the content their looking for on the internet. This search engine is pretty interesting, especially if you're looking for blog/news content on subjects. You can see how Kosmix will allow you to just dive into a subject, which I think is pretty cool.

Give it a whirl.
Here's my search for "tennis"


Another Really Cool Search Engine

So, we've started shouting from the hilltops about Search3.com. We're seeing more and more happy faces and are excited about where Search3.com is going, but our missing is to help people find what they're looking for on the internet as quickly as possible. Because of that, from time to time, we're going to point you towards other search engines that rock too.

Case in point:

Kayak lets you search travel in a really cool, fast way. It's super clean and gives you tons of options on how to search, compare, and ultimately find the best deal online. Give it a try!


Search3 + Firefox = Heaven

How can you use Firefox to your advantage with Search3?